Advertisers No Longer Bristling About Sexual Content

sexualcontentUpscale clothing retailer Holt Renfrew discovered that in early September when it placed an ad for the French perfume Jaipur in a quarterly fashion supplement published by The Globe and Mail. Designed in France, the black-and-white ad showed a naked woman whose wrists were bound behind her back by a bracelet-shaped perfume bottle. Within hours of the ad’s release, says Gwen Gibson, the company’s director of promotions and publicity, angry customers were calling Holt Renfrew to complain. The company promptly cancelled the ad and placed an apology in the newspaper the next day for “any distress” it may have caused.

According to Gibson, Holt Renfrew officials had previously reviewed the Jaipur photo and were not expecting any criticism. “Obviously, if we thought somebody was going to be offended, we would not have run it,” she added. Still, the same image has drawn fierce objections elsewhere. Earlier this year, …

HIV/Aids Testing Still Incredibly Important

aidsNo matter what your position may be on private testing venus public health strategies – and the debate is far from resolved – to enter the home HIV testing market is to be involved in controversy from the very start. But while Johnson & Johnson’s Direct Access Diagnostics division and Home Access Health Corporation both placed ads in the October 17, 1996, issue of Rolling Stone, only one company created a new controversy of its own, by exposing its ‘little prick.’

Let’s look at the Confide ad first. A large, red, lowercase i introduces the headline, placed next to a small photo of an attractive young man with a deeply thoughtful expression: ‘i think some things are private. An HIV test is one of them.” Anonymity – presumably “i” will be the only person to know that I’ve been tested, outside the “professional and caring” counselor who discusses …

Erotica Has Added To The Conversation

eroticaOver the past decade or so, things changed. What was once dismissed as smut has suddenly become respectable as erotica. Librarians will tell you which erotic books gave them the greatest pleasure. On my last trip to Coles, I saw erotic books piled high alongside cookbooks and the classics – and the majority of them were written by women. I skimmed the shelves and found titles like Slow Hand, Fever, Touching Fire. The offerings were not only by famous writers such as Alice Munro and feminists like Susie Bright, but also insurance agents, farm women and teachers, all with provocative tales to tell.

In the past, erotic books and films were a man’s world. Men produced them; men read them and watched them. So why are so many women jumping into the fray? Curious, and not wanting to remain in the Dark Ages, I picked up a handful …

Heading Off The Changes Menopause Makes In The Bedroom

menopauseThe word menopause was coined by a Frenchman from Greek words that mean, roughly, “end of monthlies.” However, it has come to stand for the full spectrum of emotional and physical changes that are brought on when the ovaries stop functioning. In Hormones, Hot Flashes and Mood Swings: Living Through the Ups and Downs of Menopause, Dr. Clark Gillespie asserts that a woman can not only live through, but enjoy, these changes.

Regarding sexuality during menopause and beyond, Dr. Gillespie finds that “if both partners understand the age-related changes that normally take place at mid-life, they will be more likely to prevent serious sexual and marital problems down the line.” In his chapter “The Menopause and the Bedroom,” Dr. Gillespie outlines these changes and suggests methods for coping with them.

Menopausal women can expect several changes that normally take place as time goes by. For example, a woman’s sex drive often rises somewhat at menopause as ovarian estrogen levels drop while androgen (a malelike hormone) levels persist. This is not always the case and certainly not true if the menopause has been surgically induced and the ovaries are absent. Sexual desire continues in women (but at decreasing levels as the years go by), and is not at all unusual in women in their seventies and eighties.

Testosterone is available for those women who suffer from a significant loss of sexual drive during and after a natural or surgical menopause. Proper dose levels of this male hormone — in combination with estrogen — will generally prevent excess hair growth and other masculinizing effects. Regular medical monitoring and dose adjustment is necessary.

Excitement and arousal, which are usually marked by vaginal lubrication and swelling, also change. Sexual arousal now often requires more foreplay and local stimulation; indeed, without hormonal replacement therapy (HRT), natural lubrication may not be possible. In addition, if HRT is absent, vaginal skin atrophy occurs and leads to painful intercourse along with many other local discomforts.

Orgasm continues but “time-to-orgasm” may be lengthened without HRT. Menopausal and post-menopausal women may continue to experience multiple orgasms as before.

Yet there are several other factors in your new sexual equation. First, what about him? If he is your partner of long standing and about your age, his sex drive started declining several years ago and will diminish more rapidly than

Some special situations may affect the ways in which you express your sexuality. For instance:

* May-December relationships require special attention. If your loved one is much older than you, it is necessary that you make generous allowances for his sexual limitations which, as you are aware, are real and progressive.

* May-December relationships require special attention. If your loved one is much older than you, it is necessary that you make generous allowances for his sexual limitations which, as you are aware, are real and progressive.

* A snoring issue can severely limit sexual drive. The exhaustion that comes from interrupted sleep is a real issue, as is your partner’s mindset towards the snoring. A stop snoring mouthpiece can help.

* If your spouse becomes permanently impotent because of medical or other reasons, and if it is the wish of both partners, penile implants are now a reasonable solution. However, without any help, many older men remain (more…)

Get Sensual, And Get It On!

sensual“None of my friends over 50 feel any less sexual than they used to,” says Elvira Pearson, a 59-year-old writer and researcher for the Shooting Stars Foundation.  “We’re not sitting around complaining about loss of interest.”

Whoa! Hold on to your lingerie! Doesn’t sex go downhill after 17? Doesn’t passion start sputtering around the 40th birthday? The evidence shows that nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, experts say that with the right attitude sex just gets better and better. If the body slows down with age, other aspects of a person’s sexuality take off — self-confidence, the ability to communicate, appreciation of the erotic. And it’s these elements that put the real sizzle in any human chemistry.

“The older years,” says Saul Rosenthal, MD, author of Sex Over 40 (J.P. Tarcher) and founder of the Sexual Therapy Clinic of San Antonio, Texas, “should bring …

The Spice That Keeps Mature Couples Going

sexualityof-matureDeanna, a willowy brunette who looks a decade younger than her 50 years, has no trouble with the question. “What are my sexual secrets after being happily married for 30 years?” she repeats. “It’s simple — communication, consideration, and compromise.”

“Consideration is the number one sexual turn-on,” confirms Lynn Fischer, a Washington-based science writer who specializes on sexuality of mature Americans.

On the other hand, Dr. David Burns, author of Intimate Connections, notes that sex can fizzle if a couple is suffering through “unexpressed anger, jealousy, or unresolved power struggles” without seeking help.

The experts, as well as happily married couples who still excite each other, are clearly in agreement on one point. Most of the time, if the couples are in good health, there is no reason why sex, like fine wine, cannot improve with age. Sex therapists Linda Levine and Lonnie Barbach in their book, The …

Starting Over With Relationships Can Take Work

sextherapistMaking love again after a long time alone can bring back the excitement of youth…as well as the fear anxiety.

Do you remember your first time?

The first time someone held your hand, whispered in your ear, or kissed you with more than just a perfunctory peck?

Nothing comes close to those first delicious sensations of sensual and sexual exploration. And nothing can quite match the scatterbrained, stomach-squeezing terror that accompanied it. Remember?

Perhaps you thought the thrill of charting the sexual unknown only happened once in life. Now, perhaps, you find yourself single again and starting over. Which prospect is more frightening — that a close encounter of the sexual kind can happen again with all its roller coaster fun and fear…or that it never will?

Relax. It can happen again. And if you’re lucky enough to have found someone special, be assured that rediscovering sex is …

Sex And Speed: An Advertiser’s Long Lost Friend

sexandspeedSex and speed, the two favourite themes of car advertisers, had a rough ride in the early 90s. Complaints poured into the Advertising Standards Authority about high-performance ads. The idea that a man with the right set of wheels had sex appeal fell victim to the charms of airbags, responsibility and more inspired advertising.

The work for the 1993 launch of the Nissan Micra supermini — award-winning bubble-shaped line drawings–seemed to mark a change in direction. The media buying, as well as the creative, was different. Ads popped up everywhere — in classifieds, horoscopes, weather, sports and business sections. The TV, newspaper and poster campaign, through TBWA Holmes Knight Ritchie, helped sell more than 300 cars a day in its first week.

Other ads took car marketing further from the sex and speed heritage and firmly into lifestyle positioning. Renault’s Papa and Nicole saga through Publicis made a …

An Impotence Case Study: How To Fix What’s Broken

physicalfitnessBy the third week of his outpatient rehabilitation program, Manny was both delighted and dismayed to find that Liz was obviously interested in him. Liz’s infectious laugh had captivated him, and he found himself beginning to come out of his self-imposed exile from society. He even had to admit that he was showing off a little bit just to impress her.

“That’s when it occurred to me that my rehabilitation program was missing a few important elements,” says Manny. “I could dress myself and was even able to get back to work on a part-time basis, but I had been too depressed to give my sex life any important consideration, nor had it been been addressed by any therapist. I wasn’t sure that I could even get a strong erection anymore. It might sound corny, but meeting Liz made me want to be able to pursue romance, marriage, and fatherhood. I needed her emotional support, the love of a family, and, to be frank, my hormones started driving me crazy!”

Sexuality is an important health issue. For persons with disabilities, sexuality has even greater health consequences: It strongly influences both mental and physical fitness. A healthy sex life can be one of the most effective weapons in the battle against depression and isolation. Getting good sleep is key, too, which means ensuring you do not snore and are certain you don’t have sleep apnea. The Best Snoring Mouthpieces review site ( does feature a variety of remedies to ensure not only solid sleep (which greatly affects your sex life longer term), but also better daily energy levels.

Regaining the ability to achieve and maintain an erection may do as much to lift a man’s self-esteem as does returning to productive work. In an article that appeared in the Journal of Neuroscience Nursing in February 2013, Mary Margaret Spica, RN, MS, wrote: “Everyone has the right to be sexual. Sexuality is not earned through work, nor lost through injury (more…)

Design Has Always Used Subliminal Sexuality For Effectiveness

sexualityYes, the penis is in the public eye like never before, so no surprise that it’s made its way into the calls-for-submissions to graphic-design competitions. Phalluses both subliminal and blatant have popped up in event and competition promotions in the past year, and much of the work has come under fire. Some find its display to be in questionable taste; others believe it’s a sign that males in the profession are becoming too cocky.

But is there real justification for folks getting all hot and bothered, or has the matter been blown out of proportion? Let’s hold up a few pieces for examination.

Two posters from the traditionally buttoned-up South groped for this trendy body part, one more clumsily than the other. An invitation to an Addy awards ceremony in Norfolk, Virginia, by Virginia Beach agency McMahon Creative, pairs a Viagra bottle and an Addy trophy with the …