Classical Music And Sexuality – The Crossroads

sexualYo Yo Ma’s portrait is a sly joke at the expense of Sony’s (and its rivals’) marketing departments. For if you have recently turned the pages of the venerable British magazine the Gramophone, you might be forgiven if you thought you had mistakenly picked up a copy of Vanity Fair.

The Gramophone is a must for those to whom the question, say, of whether Toscanini was mistaken in calling for an F sharp in bar 206 of his second 1934 live recording of Strauss’ Ein Heldenleben is a matter of honour. A serious read, in other words. Yet when the full-page advertisement for Mr. Ma’s Solo in the October Gramophone is compared to the boy toys that adorn the other glossy full-colour ads, it proves he was prudent in hiding his bland but amiable looks behind his cello. The ad for a recording of Mozart flute quartets on …

How Retailers Define Consumers


retilersIt may be back to basics, but basics never looked so IN. The formula on the street starts with a simple white T-shirt from the Gap and a favorite pair of jeans. From there it’s a manner of adding a dressed-up jacket, a neat little handbag and a great pair of shoes. Other essentials: laid-back loafer and an oversized pinstripe button-down under the must-have blue blazer.


Consumers are heading for sale racks in larger numbers than ever. In 1990, 71 percent of women’s apparel purchases in department stores were made on sale, up from 60 percent in 1980, according to a recent study by The NPD Group.

“Retailers don’t have the wherewithal to pull back from a sale mentality and stand for value at everyday prices,” said Burnett Donoho, senior advisor at Ernst & Young and former president of Marshall Field. “Sales is …

Indian Women’s Health Suffers Thanks To Poor Contraceptive Use

iwomenhealthA number of surveys indicate that men don’t want to regulate their fertility. They are not concerned about their partner contracting STD. They usually blame their wives in case of infertility, perpetrate violence against them, are not concerned about their well-being and raising of family.

Some examples of male chauvinism:

* Studies show that not all sex is consensual.

* About 30% of HIV infection occurs in those women who have sexual intercourse with a single male partner.

* Data show that about one in six women will be victims of rape in her lifetime.

* A recent study from Nagpur, states that domestic violence is a major health concern. The report says that 25.3% of women were abused in non-pregnant state and 22% during pregnancy. The episodes of abuse were most often multiple and were inflicted by the husband or jointly along with other family members.

Usage …